Dr. Del Re offers a unique blend of exercise training and specializes in orthopedic and spine rehabilitation. He has a holistic approach to patient care and works to systematically identify and treat both primary and secondary impairments associated with injuries. Dr. Del Re is able to offer a wide range of techniques such as Cranio-Sacral Therapy, instability training, Kinesiology Taping, dry needling, cupping, acute and chronic pain treatment, soft tissue mobilization, and more.

Dr. Del Re’s program utilizes computer driven feedback tools in addition to the traditional physical therapy model. He has created and implements a wide variety of exercise and manual techniques designed to comprehensively treat his patients’ needs.

Dr. Del Re has lived throughout the United States and comes from an Air Force family. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Physiology from Marshall University, as well as a Master and Doctorate of Physical Therapy from East Carolina University. Dr. Del Re is certified by both Indiana and Kentucky State Boards. In his free time, Dr. Del Re competes in 5k runs, half marathons, and even a few marathons all alongside his wife. In fact, they have completed over 40 half-marathons together!